Upcoming Auditions!!!!

Auditions for SHORT WORKS FESTIVAL 2019
Tuesday, July 9th, 7:30pm-10:30pm
Wednesday, July 10th, 7:30pm-10:30pm

Aura Coffee
1306 W Hickory St
Denton, Texas 76201

AUDITIONS will consist of:
-COLD READINGS: You will be asked to read a short poem, duet scene, or monologue. (REQUIRED)
*There will be a short one-on-one interview with each individual as well*

All rehearsal times are TBA dependent on the director of each work.

Will be held at Aura Coffee in Denton. August 16th-18th & August 23rd-25th at 8pm. There will be no stipend for actors or members of the production team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the producing member Lindsey at lindseyhall@sundowntheatre.org or the Artistic Director Chloe at chloemcdowell@sundowntheatre.org.


Sally and Thomas by Alle Mims
THOMAS (white): A Founding Father with lofty ideals he utterly fails to even attempt to live up to.
SALLY (black): Sally Hemmings. A human being who wants to be free.
An imagining of how the story of Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson should have ended.

The New Years Skit by Audrey DaLane
SUSAN: friendly, cheerful, and healthy
INSTRUCTOR: a new age reincarnation of Jack Lalane
TAD: millennial hippy
SUSAN tries out a new exercise class for her New Year’s resolution. She soon discovers this is no ordinary exercise class.

Urban Legend by Anthoney Spurgin
OTIS: A mad scientist
PENELOPE: A robot maid
MARTIN: A man in his 30s taking his daughter trick or treating
SAVANNAH: MARTIN’s ten year old daughter.
OTIS has grown weary of life with his robot companion. He makes a decision to end it all on Halloween but his plans are complicated by the arrival of clueless trick or treaters.

Him by David Douglas
TOBY: A doctor
AMBER: A nurse
HIM: A mysterious entity in a black cloak
SYNOPSIS: TOBY tells AMBER of the dark figure he has repeatedly encountered since the death of his previous girlfriend. AMBER offers a logical explanation, but TOBY knows what he saw. And what he saw, moments ago, was the mysterious figure lurking outside AMBER’s window.

Meet Cute by Haley Nelson
MARY: A recently engaged woman in her late twenties. She is kind and genuine, not mean-spirited. She is not much of a show-off but is over the moon about her new fiancé. She is TERYN’s best friend.
TERYN: A smart lawyer in her late twenties. Dresses simply and conservatively. Brilliant and quick. She isn’t self-loathing as a whole, but she is going through a hard time. She is Mary’s best friend and is supportive of her engagement.
WAITER/CLERK/DRUNK ERIC: small roles acting out MARY and TERYN’s stories.
HOT TERYN/SWEATPANTS MARY: TERYN’s idealized version of herself – need not look anything like her, but should wear some sort of clothing as indication they are the same person. Also plays SWEATPANTS MARY.
MARY and TERYN meet at a bar and discuss MARY’s upcoming wedding. The perpetually unlucky TERYN is convinced that she will never have a “meet cute” and fall in love the way MARY and her other friends have. MARY explains that everyone’s relationships may not be as cute as they appear to others.

Cold Comforts: A Love Story by Collin Miller
JULES: charmingly nervous but cute college freshmen
NATHANIEL “STRINGS”: college freshmen and childhood friend of Jules who longs to be closer
MRS. CLAUS: Mrs. Claus (preferably with a British accent)
NATHANIEL finally works up the courage to ask JULES to accompany him to his family’s ski cabin. The budding romance is threatened by JULES’ unusual affliction. Her sexual desire manifests in the form of MRS. CLAUS.