Love Stories

(A Working Title)


We will be returning to our roots with our next show: Love Stories (a working title). This show will be a devised creation that the cast and company developed together. But we need help from the community as well!

We need you to send in all your love stories. These are not limited to romantic love either, but may include platonic love, love for your family member, a pet, or anything really. Your stories can be positive, sweet stories, or comedic, even dark (tale of a blind date gone wrong for example). Happy or sad, we want to hear them all, and we are looking for a wide variety! Don’t worry about agonizing over a fully formed, eloquently written story. We will be taking all of the submitted stories, choosing as many as we can to form a well-rounded show, and then work shopping them into various art forms. Some may be acted scenes, some told with movement, etc etc depending on our cast of artists.

So collaborate with us to make some cool art, and tell us your stories! Then follow along with our progress and come out to the show to see how your story is brought the the stage!

All stories can be sent to Lindseyhall@sundowntheatre.org and will be accepted for the entire month of November.

Info on auditions can be found here!