Open Call for SWF Submissions!


We’re looking to showcase a variety of performative art as we continue Sundown’s goal of cultivating and collaborating with local performers and artists.

We’re open to anything, so send us all of your ideas and all the short works you have! Some examples of what you could submit:
-short plays
-one-person shows
-stand up
-devised pieces
-movement theatre
-dance pieces
-and if you can think of it, we’re interested in it!

Send us an electronic copy of your script and/or idea to We’re looking for pieces that are 20 minutes or less – we don’t need a finished product, we only ask that you send us SOMETHING. If you feel that a discussion is necessary to explain your idea, contact us and we can set up an in-person or Skype meeting to talk. An oral presentation is optional; we will consider all submissions we get.
– Please let us know if you are interested in directing your piece when you submit. It’s not a requirement, but it’s helpful to know upfront.
– If material is copyrighted, you will be responsible for obtaining and paying for the rights if your piece is chosen.
– Put all contact information (name, email, phone) with submission.
– There is no compensation offered for producing your work, but you can see every performance for free!.

-Submissions will be open for the entire month of March
-As a company, we’ll read everything and make or choices in early April.
-Auditions will be held in June, and we will help you find participants if you need
-Performances will be Aug 14th-16th and 21st-23rd at Aura Coffee in Denton.

Midnight March 31st, 2020

If you have any questions, or would like to submit your ideas directly to an Artistic Executive, you can email any of the following company members:

Tiffany Hillan –
Robert Linder –
Chloe McDowell –
Lindsey Hall –
Ryan Davila –