Sundown presents… Java Scripts: Double Shot An Annual(ish) Short Works Festival

“Java Scripts: Double Shot – an Annual(ish) Short Works Festival”
August 26-28 & September 2-4 @ 8pm
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Aura Coffee
1306 W Hickory St.
Denton 76201

Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s JAVA SCRIPTS features a variety of short acts ranging from the scripted and linear to the devised and abstract. This year’s festival hopes desperately (COVID permitting) to be able to revive the classic Sundown Festival drinking game as our hosts, performers, and audience grapple together with a truly explosive collection of short works about relationships, abuse, mad roosters, climate-conscious vampires, alien war lords, death, taxes, and so much more! Witness the return to live performances for this beloved annual(ish) event.

Each night of performances will feature a different line-up of acts.
6 nights, 18 works, 1 festival!
Tickets are $15 general admission, $12 students/seniors, and $10 for patrons.
Side B Special: Bring your program back to an additional performance and receive $10 admission!

Stay tuned for the full festival schedule, coming soon!

See below for a synopsis of each show.

Victim by Lindsay Hayward, directed by Lindsey Hertel
A woman gushes to the audience about her love for the True Crime genre while turning a critical eye to what might make the modern female psyche so ravenous for violence, especially against other women.
Female – Meg Steffens

Scripted by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Ryan Davila
Simon and Elaine wake up one morning to discover a script left by their bedside. They find that the script contains an eerily accurate picture of the morning they are having, down to every word they say.
Simon – Josh Dobelbower
Elaine – Courtney Dobelbower

Henny Penny written and directed by Andra Laine Hunter
The rough and bloody stump is thirsty for a sacrifice. And since the sky is falling anyway, isn’t it better to stretch your neck out peaceful and wait for the blow of the Angel’s golden axe?
April – Brandy Townsend
Leon – Taylor Hoyt
Homer – Jacob Drum

The Magic Word by Will Murdock, directed by Claire Fountain
Jed and Parker are roommates with benefits. An argument about sex becomes a stand in for clarifying exactly what their relationship status is. They clumsily hash out their jealousies and insecurities, but have they really made any progress by the end?
Parker- Kyley Sanchez
Jed- Tristen Brown

Loss by Shelby Griffin, directed by Cynthia Beene
A movement and spoken word piece dealing with the end of a relationship
Woman 1 – Jade Pearl Jeffrey
Woman 2 – Kara Bruntz

Waking Reveries by Rachel Weaver
An audio/visual environmental dreamscape performance by blendways. Manipulated field recordings, meditative ambient sounds, distorted archival footage, and contemplative dance practice transcend the audience into an ethereal dwelling place of ecological introspection where they are invited to meditate and contemplate along with the performer

UFI by Claire Fountain, directed by Erin Malone Turner
Healthy relationships are hard. Brit and Kaylee are in a new polyamorous relationship. They believed that they were on the same page regarding rules and boundaries, but when a conflict arises, they are forced to not only communicate and compromise, but also to tackle a totally unforeseen threat together.
Kaylee – Kirsten Amerongen
Brit – Kyley Sanchez

The Lizard King by Matthew Eitzen, directed by Lainey Brock
Chagtech the Annihilator drops by his intergalactic empire’s deadly polonium mines to make sure all of his radiation-poisoned slaves know that he considers them family.
Chagtesh the Annihilator- Will Frederick, Aggressive Voice/ Security Lizard – Ray Patterson
Slaves – Brandy Townsend, Robert Linder, Jane – Taylor Hoyt

Interview with a Vampire by Matthew Eitzen, directed by Charles Jackson
Count Stahlenburg, an animalistic vampire in an opera cape and plastic fangs, is a guest on the Cho Bagan Experience to promote his new book, How to Solve the Climate Crisis by Ushering in Eternal Night.
Cho Bogan – Davayun Chase
Count Mannfred Vortigern Von Stahlenburg – Shalisha Sheridan

The Taxman Cometh by Iris Baldwin, directed by Robert Linder
Eugene’s first day on the job as an IRS Auditor takes an unsettling turn when he is assigned to audit The Grim Reaper, who has never filed before.
Eugene – Robert Linder
Grim Reaper – Criss Forshay

Queso Blanco by Marie De Menthe
A solo burlesque performance – satirical commentary on the anglo-saxon humans who reside in the state of Texas whose obsession with queso is unrivaled, if not nearly toxic. Please enjoy this quite campy, very cheesy solo number that is sure to leave audience members somehow hungry and aroused? Who knew!?

Marceline’s Revenge by Marie De Menthe
What happens when Marceline’s Dad eats her french fries one too many times?? A solo burlesque piece with subtle commentary on rebellion against toxic authority.

Smoke and Mirrors by Matt Solomon and Ferris Tamim, directed by Ferris Tamim
A mid-sized business moves into and takes advantage of a small town. Two hotel janitors are forced to set up and sit through an “assistant supervisor seminar”, flies on the wall of a hotel ballroom that gradually becomes a miserable circus.
Dick – Mike Martin
Carl – Will Frederick
Reggie – Sam Kumpe
Trainee – BJ Parks
Supervisor on Duty – Ferris Tamim

Selected Poems from The Start written and directed by Jordan La Grenade
A piece about the dreams and nightmares that live inside our head. It is the Regrets we have, the dreams we accomplish, and the person we wish to become. In the start the narrator is the one who guides the audience through the ins and outs of the sleeping being’s mind using spoken word, dance and any artistry the director may use to illustrate and/or overcome the obstacles and flashbacks that lie in the mind of the sleeping being; with empathy, understanding and grace.
Cupcakes – Brandy Townsend
I’ll Murder You – Jordan La Grenade
This Woman – Savannah Lyons
How do I say no – Chloe Lewis

Boo-Mate by Joshua & Courtney Dobelbower
No, you are not imagining things! This charming two-bedroom home has been reduced to an otherworldly price! Previous tenant suddenly had to move on due to unforeseen circumstances, so act now, because this listing isn’t long for this world. Recently updated with consideration for original details. Complete with hardwood floors, hand-carved crown molding, and spacious rooms — Perfect for entertaining even the most unexpected of guests. Newly weatherized windows mean you will always be able to find a cold spot, even in the dead of summer. And you won’t believe the views at night! Slightly haunted. Nothing serious, though. Stainless-steel appliances. Applicant must accept the property as-is.
Laura – Lindsey Hall
Rachel – Julia Bodiford
Lawson Drake (AKA Dark Drake) – Ryan Davila

I am a Bomb by Anthony Spurgin
The soul of a bomb waxes poetic about birth, life, and death, from the perspective of a recently activated (and sentient) explosive device.