Season 15 Script Submissions

PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW if you are interested in pitching a production to us. There is a lot here that you need to know!



PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW if you are interested in pitching a production to us. There is a lot here that you need to know!

Sundown is planning to safely return to the stage, and we are looking for shows to produce for SEASON 15! We are a small company that requires collaboration and a “hands on”/”can do” attitude from everyone involved at every step of the production process. Whether you are submitting a script published by another author or have written the script yourself, your involvement will not end with Sundown’s selection of the show. If you want us to produce your show, you have to be willing to be fully invested and involved. There are many forms this kind of involvement can take, such as taking on the role of director or designer for the show or helping publicize the performances.

The deadline for submissions will be December 31st 2021, but early submissions are welcome and will naturally have a slight advantage since the members of the selection committee will have more time to look at them.

If we like your script, but a certain specific aspect is holding us back from selecting it, then we may contact you and ask if you’d be willing to make a small edit. Examples of this from the past includes requesting a character’s sex be changed for easier ensemble casting, or that a prop that would be difficult to procure be changed.

We believe strongly in choosing pieces that reflect our mission statement, which you can find below, so please read over it and feel free to explore our website ( or talk to our members for more information about our company. However, we encourage scripts/productions of all kinds, so be creative!

DECEMBER 31: Written Submissions Due (by midnight)

To fill out your submission form click here!

– Fill out the form to the best of your ability; explain if you are unable to answer any questions.

– Include an online/email-able version of your script. We do not accept physical copies; if you need help scanning, contact us and one of our members may be able to help you.

– Send the form AND script to , or you may send it directly to a Sundown member if you’d like them to represent the show on your behalf. Often, having a Sundown member vouch for your show can be helpful in the long run. (Individual emails are below.)


After we’ve read the plays, we will have a pitch day. You will be asked to attend the Sundown meeting in mid-January to pitch your show, explain your concept, and tell us why it is a good fit for our company. After all submissions are received, you will get an email to schedule your allotted time. **If you are not local, please indicate in your submission. We are happy to make arrangements to hear your pitch via Zoom or phone call.**

In a 5 minute presentation, please provide the following information to the best of your ability: synopsis (try to keep it to 3-5 sentences since we will have read the script), concept/conceptual ideas, possible approaches to any major technical issues, budget (be aware that we are a small-scale company), why YOU want to do it, and why you think the play works for Sundown.

We are more likely to accept shows that have directors attached to them, but we always welcome any potential ideas that are Sundown-friendly!

NOTE: Please know that we are only accepting full-length submissions at this time. If you have a short play, poetry, or other performance piece that you would like to submit for our semi-annual Short Works Festival, keep an eye out for when we open those submissions a little later in the year!

We look forward to hearing from and hopefully working with you lovely, talented people!

If you have any questions, or would like to submit your ideas directly to an Artistic Executive, you can email any of the following company members:

Julia Bodiford –

Lindsey Hall –

Robert Linder –

Kelso Smith –

Kurt Van Zandt –

Our Mission:

Sundown Collaborative Theatre strives to produce plays as holistic pieces of art that evolve from a collaborative process. We want to explore contemporary and classical theatre along with poetry, music, and dance to present innovative performances. By truly working as a collective of artists and utilizing all of our individual abilities, we believe we can create shows that are relevant to who we are both artistically and personally. The visceral experience of a Sundown Collaborative Theatre production should impact audiences by provoking thought and inciting discussion.