Season 9, Sundown Shows


Jacob Monroe, unable to gain admittance to any other colleges near the love of his life, enrolls in the only school who will accept him: a clowning school. He soon regrets his impulsiveness, though, due to his lifelong fear of clowns. What follows is a reluctant hero’s journey to find love...but more than that, to find and accept his inner clown. Billed a “meta-theatrical tragicomedy”, this play juggles many forms of theatrical comedy and Sundown’s production was influenced and inspired by Commedia dell'Arte, clowning, pantomime and improvisation.

Sundown Shows

FAR AWAY by Caryl Churchill

As a child, Joan witnesses a horrific incident involving her uncle, which she is told to ignore for the good of "the cause." As she grows older, this act proves to be part of a literal world war, with all elements of nature taking sides. Presented promenade-style in a house, Far Away explores how one action can represent an escalation into global catastrophe.

Sundown Shows

LOVERS by Sundown Collaborative Theatre

Sadists. Masochists. Lovers. No matter what you call them, those who choose to love are, by default, risk-takers. To celebrate these brave, insane people, this show creates a performance with plenty of words, but no set script, order, or plan. Lovers is a kaleidoscope of couples interacting in improvised sketches which illustrate what happens to human communication when love is its main conduit. This show contains adult language and situations.

Sundown Shows

SAID AND DONE by Kasey Tackett

The universe as we know it has been destroyed, and all that remains is a single atom containing the remnants of ideas held by humanity. Life, Death, Faith, Science, Nature, and Time constantly desire to be felt, known, and understood. Their struggle to find relevance and meaning in what seems like an endless cycle of nothingness eventually leads to an ending that none of them could have anticipated.