Sundown Collaborative Theatre provides a visceral theatrical experience by exploring new and existing works through various artistic mediums and celebrating individuals in a collaborative process. Sundown is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been providing Denton with alternative, thought-provoking theater for fourteen seasons. Check out our past performances for more information!


Up next: Sundown’s Annual(ish) Short Works Festival!!

Join us at Aura Coffee in Denton August 26-28 & September 2-4 at 8 pm!
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–Currently Running: Murder at Action Lanes: A high noire/low camp murder mystery radio show from Sundown Collaborative Theatre.

Click on the link for more info. This show can be found wherever you get your podcasts!

~*~*~ Special thanks to our patrons: Tyler Lucas, Bryan Hall, and Melanie Barth ~*~*~

“‘Art is whatever you put your heart into. It’s not about money,’ …That clearly sums up the Sundown philosophy, and this show is well worth the drive to Denton from elsewhere in Dallas-Fort Worth.”
– Joy Tipping, Theater Jones

“The dialog and performances are compellingly stylized, and no one performer stands out because it is a true artistic ensemble.”
– M. Lance Lusk, D Magazine